What if we got it wrong?

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What if we got it wrong?

What if when we die, we are confronted with the reality that we, as humans, have been deceived?

What if we got it wrong and success isn’t even measured when we die?

What if it didn’t matter how much money we made, but how many people we helped along the way while making that money?

What if it was unimportant how many Instagram followers we influenced, but more importantly, what we influenced them to believe?

What if we got it wrong and brands don’t matter in the afterlife, but how you live does?

What if success was worthless if it came at the expense of taking advantage of others?

What if life isn’t about what you have gained, but what you have given?

What if you realized that your criticism of another caused them to walk away from the plan that God himself had designed for them?

What if that one thoughtless comment caused their harvest for God to be forsaken and you were judged for people going to hell that they were commissioned to save? https://www.spotublog.com/christian-singles/

Matthew 12:36 “But I tell you that every careless word that people speak, they shall give an accounting for it in the day of judgment.”

Money cannot follow you into the afterlife, but your actions and words can and will.

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This writing was first published on my original blog which can be found at https://singleparentssurvivalguide.com

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