The Shattered Vase

By author Gracie Lynne

The Shattered Vase is an award-winning novel, which has been called a masterpiece by literary critics.

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The Shattered Vase

Susie Whatley has an idyllic life. She lives out in the country with her husband, Joe, and their three children.

This picture of idealism shatters when Joe leaves her for another woman.

Soon, the forces of evil start a battle for the life of Susie. The evil entities of Deceit, Betrayal, Rejection, Arrogance, Envy, Adultery, Doubt, Insecurity, Condemnation, Bitterness, Fear, and Despair meet for one strategy meeting after another to defeat this wretched single mother. If they could just get her out of the way, they then could feast on her children. Why won’t she give up?

Susie is not alone in this fight. Hope, Faith, Joy, Grace, and Mr. Mercy are in the battle too. With each attack, they draw Susie into their compassionate embrace, which is full of Godly wisdom.

As Susie continues to draw near to the wisdom of God, her destiny is revealed.

Will she be strong enough to fulfill her destiny, or will she succumb to evil?

Gracie Lynne

Gracie Lynne


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This book has been called a masterpiece by literary critics. The Shattered Vase was nominated for the Best Christian Fiction novel in the 2019 Christian Literary awards and won the Firebird award for Christian Fiction in 2021.

About Me

Gracie Lynne

Gracie Lynne’s writing journey started with Christmas letters when her children were young. Her family and friends enjoyed the lively letters written from her children’s point of view.

Unfortunately, soon after her third child was born, Gracie Lynne and her husband divorced.

Because of this change in her life, Gracie became involved in a Church Single’s Ministry. She started writing, directing, and acting in plays for this ministry.

Soon Gracie felt led to write a novel. The Shattered Vase took Gracie eighteen years to complete. While working on this award-winning novel, she also worked as a registered nurse and raised three amazing children as a single mother.

She lives in Texas with her Maltese dog and two Calico cats. She values every moment spent with her children and their families. Gracie also cherishes the precious time spent with friends.

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July 5, 2023I am constantly analyzing my motivation. As a Christian author, I need to know that my heart is pure and my desires are aligned with God as I know Him. I try to read the Bible every day with the goal of reading through the entire Bible every year. This morning I was reading 1 Chronicles 21. In this passage, Satan tempted David to take a census of the people. Joab fought back and said that this should not happen, yet he went out and took the census. In this passage, Joab was very distressed because he knew that this was a matter of pride for David. David was depending upon the strength of his army instead of the power of God. He had over one million warriors, so it was a valid temptation. In the commentary of my Bible, which is the Life Application Study Bible, there is a powerful statement. ” There is a thin line between feeling confident because you are relying on God’s power and becoming proud because God has used you for a great purpose.” I reflected on Social Media, influencers, and the contemporary desire to idolize people who have a social media platform. I also examined myself. My journey to success as a Christian author has been slow and arduous. I do not have a social media presence. I do not have a YouTube following. I am not an influencer. Yet, I have sold more than is normal for self-published authors. I think as a Christian author, if people are following me, then I have failed in large measure. People should follow Christ because of me. If I have little to no social media presence but I somehow glorify God through my life, then I have achieved my goal. One of my friends, Marc Juarez, wrote me a note after reading my novel, The Shattered Vase. He said he wanted to get closer to God because of reading my book. That is the takeaway I want to achieve with every word I write or presentation I give. To read The Shattered Vase. Please click on the following link. The Shattered Vase. [...] Read more...
May 20, 2023Being a single parent and dating is a very treacherous path to tread. For you not only have to consider your own needs but also the safety of your children. Children are highly perceptive, and I think it is always wise to consider their opinion, but trust your gut more than anything. Besides that, I think it is important to listen to the Holy Spirit and also Christian friends. In the following story, I did everything wrong, and yet, I was assured of endless love. I met the man when I was nursing. He was an editor for a nursing magazine. I loved to write about my walk with Christ, so I figured I might like to write about my occupation. So, I met with him and found his sense of humor to be charming. I love to laugh, and this man could get me doubled over with laughter. However, I heard counsel from the Holy Spirit about this man. He said, “He was toxic, and he didn’t care whether or not I was successful.” Anyone who knows me knows I am very driven to be a success as a Christian author. At the time, I was dating several wonderful men, but I chose to be exclusive with this man. The one whom God had warned me about. I walked away from God and, in doing so, walked right into the embrace of toxicity and rejection. Soon, I realized there was something wrong. He was like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. During the day, when he was working, he was fairly nice and fun. In the evening, when he started drinking, he turned into a monster. He didn’t think he had a problem with alcohol because he didn’t drink while he was working. Alas, the joy of denial, which deludes so many into thinking they do not have a problem with alcohol. I would share with my friends the hurtful things he would say, trying to figure out how I could change the dynamic of this relationship. They all encouraged me to walk away from him. Somehow, I couldn’t. I even lost a cherished friend because of this because she could not suffer for me to be treated in such a horrible manner. My family members were concerned as well. I could not break the bond that this man had over me. I kept going back to him as if I was addicted to the rejection and toxicity, which was so prevalent. Then the dreams started coming. I dreamt I found a rattlesnake in his yard, and instead of running away from it, I approached it. The venomous snake reared its head and infused its poison into my leg. I had another dream. He lived off of a lake and the lake had dried up and become a barren and cracked wasteland. I knew this was symbolic of what would happen to my Christian ministry if I continued to date this man. And yet, I continued on. I don’t remember this man saying anything positive to me, even when I had written a stellar piece for his magazine. It was just one insult after another, and my self-confidence was diminishing rapidly. I was told I was evil and selfish. Then one night in the still of the night, I heard a voice say, “You are good.” The whisper of the Holy Spirit gently invading my sleep with a love so powerful it could break the stronghold of rejection, which had haunted me from childhood. But that was not all. By nature, I am a clean person. I am very hygienic, but I normally have a slight bit of clutter in my home. This man could not understand why I was like that because apparently, his mother was not like that. The night after the whisper, I had another dream. There was a piece of paper before me and a pencil, which wrote, “You are who you are.” I believe that was written by the God who said in Exodus 3:14,” “I AM WHO I AM.” And he said, “Say this to the people of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.'”  I had walked away from God. I had disobeyed him in so many ways and yet, this wonderful being whom I consider my heavenly Father has only one thing to give me. His endless love. Soon after, I broke up with this man who was toxic and walked back into the loving embrace of my wonderful Father, wondering why I had ever walked away. [...] Read more...
March 5, 2023  I have realized, as of late, that I have been measuring my self-worth by a precarious standard of success. This measuring rod I have been observing is on my sales page on Amazon. I have recently released the second version of my novel, The Shattered Vase.  As a Christian author, I find it imperative that I constantly examine my desires and motivations to make sure they align with my faith. If reaching lost souls for Christ is the aim of my writing, then wouldn’t fabulous success be in line with my faith? Yes, it would be…but not if success becomes my idol. As I continue on my journey up this elusive mountain called fame, I must be conscious of my motivation. Is my motivation to gain followers, influence, and money? Or is it to glorify God, even if I do not gain followers, influence, or money? I have said in my author bio that the book I released could not have been written without God in my life. Is this God who I worship and adore impressed by followers, influence, or money? Or is He impressed by a gentle and humble spirit? I am grateful for the humble beginning of my journey. When you are an unknown author, every person who reaches out to give encouragement and praise is highly valued. I have learned to appreciate my friends and family for the support they have given me. I feel as if I value them more because my struggle has been challenging. If I had gained fame immediately, I may have become proud and elusive, shielding myself from those I love. Last week at a birthday party for one of my friends, the birthday girl introduced me as an author and stated that she had bought my book and was looking forward to reading it. She so sweetly gave me center stage for a moment, when really the stage should have been all about her because it was her birthday party, not mine. Just yesterday one of my sons spent two hours working on my website fine-tuning it. I am sure he had plenty of other things he could have done with his time, but he made my website a priority in his busy day. These are the memories I cherish and hold dear to my heart. Success may be a treacherous platform to stand on, but with my eyes set on Jesus, it needn’t consume me. The greatest gift I have received in this life is not being on the bestseller list but having an intimate relationship with God. The sacrifice of Jesus made this possible. If I gain success and lose that, I have lost much more than I have gained.   [...] Read more...