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On the 25th of July I experienced a lovely event. I had a book signing success! I had rented a room at a local coffee house and invited many of my friends to the event.

My sweet boyfriend helped co-host the event and he took the pictures of the book signing. What he didn’t capture was my thought process.

Before the event I was sitting in a corner and wondering how many people would come. The picture that accompanies this post was taken at that moment.

I was horribly bullied as a teenager and so my self acceptance is a bit jaded and tainted. I am also by nature extremely sensitive. As I was sitting there I was consumed with self doubt, I was on the verge of tears.
My sweet boyfriend reminded me that it was still a bit of time before the event was supposed to start.

Soon the trickle of friends started coming in. The majority of them were from my church. Some were friends that I had met at single group gatherings. One special lady came because I had ministered to her daughter after a car had hit her. The room was soon filled. I was so happy.

I sold a few books but it wasn’t about how many books I sold. It was more about the fantastic people that God has weaved in my life. Each and every one of the people who attended my book signing were special to me and are deeply loved by God.

This last weekend my boyfriend and I went door to door to try and sell my novel, The Shattered Vase, in Dallas.

I, again, was consumed by doubt and fear. I thought back to the book signing and realized that those feelings are probably normal for everyone who starts on a new journey. Faith in God and belief that the journey is worthy is what propels you to continue past that stage and on to success. It is those who abandon this path which find themselves at the cliff of despair.

I want to thank everyone who was a part of making my book signing a success. You are all so dear!

If you would like to know more about my book please check out the radio interviews in the following link. If you enter The Shattered Vase into their search box it will pull up my interview.

If you would like to buy my book please google “The Shattered Vase by Gracie Lynne.” There are scads of ways that you can buy it and some are cheaper than others so do what you can afford. Hugs!

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