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I am constantly analyzing my motivation. As a Christian author, I need to know that my heart is pure and my desires are aligned with God as I know Him.

I try to read the Bible every day with the goal of reading through the entire Bible every year. This morning I was reading 1 Chronicles 21. In this passage, Satan tempted David to take a census of the people. Joab fought back and said that this should not happen, yet he went out and took the census.

In this passage, Joab was very distressed because he knew that this was a matter of pride for David. David was depending upon the strength of his army instead of the power of God. He had over one million warriors, so it was a valid temptation.

In the commentary of my Bible, which is the Life Application Study Bible, there is a powerful statement. ” There is a thin line between feeling confident because you are relying on God’s power and becoming proud because God has used you for a great purpose.”

I reflected on Social Media, influencers, and the contemporary desire to idolize people who have a social media platform. I also examined myself. My journey to success as a Christian author has been slow and arduous. I do not have a social media presence. I do not have a YouTube following. I am not an influencer. Yet, I have sold more than is normal for self-published authors.

I think as a Christian author, if people are following me, then I have failed in large measure. People should follow Christ because of me. If I have little to no social media presence but I somehow glorify God through my life, then I have achieved my goal.

One of my friends, Marc Juarez, wrote me a note after reading my novel, The Shattered Vase. He said he wanted to get closer to God because of reading my book. That is the takeaway I want to achieve with every word I write or presentation I give.

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