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This morning I did it again. I was wasting my time, playing one of my games on my phone. It is called Word Stacks and the reason why I started it was because it said it would increase my IQ. I must say, I don’t know if my intelligence level has gone up or down with this game but I do enjoy it.

So one of the ways I get some “coins” is to play a challenge game every day. I was doing such game this morning and berating myself. I commonly do that when I play games on my phone. I say things to myself such as “If you have time to do this you certainly are not busy enough. Remember last week when you were so busy you did not play even one game? How on earth are you going to become a successful author if you waste time on meaningless events such as phone games?”

Blah, blah, blah.

Then I got a notification that I had a message coming in. My phone vibrates when that happens. I checked my messages and noticed that one of my girlfriends had messaged me. She needed prayers for her husband. I immediately bowed my head and said a prayer. Then I realized if I had not been playing that worthless game I would have not known that she needed prayer.

It is clear that God is not daunted by my weaknesses or my insecurities. He can work through those just as much as He can work through my strengths. What matters is that my priority was Him. I put the needs of my girlfriend in front of that worthless game this morning. After I prayed I won the challenge for today too! lol

This post was initially released on my blog entitled single parents survival guide. I struggled with this issue through this winter and in Spring decided to make a change. I deleted some games from my phone and the others I use very seldom.

I have stopped wasting my time. I am currently working my tail off trying to promote my novel, The Shattered Vase. Would love for you to purchase it! https://store.bookbaby.com/book/The-Shattered-Vase

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