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My first rating on Amazon for The Shattered Vase e-book was a 5 star rating! I am in no way bragging, but I am truly overjoyed! I wrote a 5 star novel!!!!

I want to share the review with you so that you can rejoice with me.

It is as follows:

Got this book a couple days ago and it’s incredibly hard to put down! I’m not religious at all but the vivid scenery of good versus evil in the book intertwined with an incredible story line makes this book remarkable. An easy read, but a thought-provoking one.

I am rejoicing because of several reasons. First off, a 5 star rating is such a blessing. Yet, this book is not about me, it is about God and his desire to reach lost people. When this reader admitted that they were “not religious at all” but could not put the book down I was bursting with joy!

The Christian book market is overflowing with amazing books. Ones which can help you in your walk with God, ones which can teach you to pray, ones which can entertain without vulgarity. It is a wonderful meadow to walk through when you are already walking with God.

Yet, I believe that when Jesus was here on earth he was drawn to those who were “not religious at all.” He had a heart for those who were lost and they were the ones who followed him. The Pharisees and Sadducee’s (church people) were the ones which got on his nerves.

I hope my book will be a beacon of light for those who have not yet come to the knowledge of knowing Jesus as their savior. I would appreciate your prayers and support in light of this desire.

If you would like to buy The Shattered Vase please click on the following link! I guarantee you it is a 5 star novel!

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