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When I think of Europe, I immediately think of the royal family. I was in England for a summertime and found most English people to be very well mannered and friendly. I did not have the honor of meeting the royal family though. (Shucks)

I worked in churches out there during that special summer. I didn’t do much reading or shopping during my time there.

I did not know that there is a bookstore in Europe called Waterstones
Did you know that you can now request my novel, The Shattered Vase from Waterstones?

YEP! That is right!

The Shattered Vase has been embraced as a truly spellbinding novel! Within the first six months, it is gaining 5-star reviews only!

This book is a book about the battle we all engage in, which is spiritual warfare.

Suzie Whatley, the heroine, is in a tug of war between the devil and God. With each attack from the devil, she draws closer to God.

How do you win a battle against the devil?

Read The Shattered Vase and learn from a true superhero, Suzie Whatley!

Go to Waterstones today and request the book!

If you can’t get out you can always order on Amazon or buy directly from the publisher by clicking on the link below.

Please send me a note if you request this book or order it. I need the date purchased and the sales order number if you buy it from book baby.  Drop me a line at

Enjoy your read! Post a review and drop me a line!
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