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In the Bible, Jesus tells his disciples several different times to shake the dust off of their feet if the gospel they proclaim is not received.  I have realized I need to start shaking the dust off of my feet. (Matthew 10:14Luke 9:5). In Mark 6:11

I have had a guy who has been in the shadows of my life for many years. We saw each other one or two times. We had great chemistry but I knew he was not a Christian. So, I did not pursue the relationship.

He would pop up every now and again and text me. He would always ask me if my novel was completed. That warmed my heart. I thought maybe God was working on him and my novel would lead him into a relationship with God.

So when I released my novel, The Shattered Vase, I let him know. I had previously told him in text messages that I had changed as a Christian. I was no longer a carnal Christian but was now living by the word of God.

He kept trying to lure me back into sin but I remained steadfast.

Then this last week on the way to my radio interview he was texting me again. He began to infer that if he bought a book I, in some way, owed him a roll in the hay.

That made me furious. I texted him back and said, “Never, mind. Don’t buy it.” Then I blocked him.

I realized that I had grown and he had remained stagnant. I feel sorry for him.

I am surrounded by pure Christian men who attend the events I go to. The difference between these men and the men of my past is striking.

I mentioned in my radio interview that one of the reasons I enjoyed going on a cruise this past year with a group of Christians, was because there was no sexual tension. It was the most delightful week of my life.

From now on, I am committed to shaking the dust off my feet and pursuing only relationships which lead me closer to Christ. It is much easier to walk when you are not tripping over mere dust.

If you would like to read my novel, without a roll in the hay, (lol) please click on the following link

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