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In my novel, The Shattered Vase, I have a chapter where the main character has a flashback of horrific child abuse she suffered as a little girl.

I hope that this chapter diminishes the incidence of child abuse because it takes the reader into the mind of a child who has been abused.

Yet, soon after this flashback, the abuse is forgiven.

The other night I watched a true life movie of a young girl who was beaten to death by a woman who had been hired to care for her.

That made me wonder if child abuse should be forgiven? Especially if it is horrific child abuse.

I prayed about this because I think child abuse is such a horrid sin that it should not be diminished and brushed aside. It should, instead, be exposed, confronted and prosecuted.

But is forgiveness brushing anything aside? If you forgive someone is that diminishing the pain that they inflicted upon you?

I prayed about this and struggled with this for a bit. I wondered if I had done the wrong thing in my novel?

Then the Holy Spirit counseled me and said that forgiveness of sin is not diminishing the evil of that sin. Forgiveness of sin is not allowing that pain to continue to slice through your heart.

Those who do not forgive hold that sin in their heart where it can hurt again and again. It is the most insidious and self-destructive act that you can do.

If you forgive the person who has harmed you, the sin is released to God. Then He can start healing the hurt which the devil intended to inflict upon your heart.

In The Shattered Vase, Suzie Whatley encounters one battle after another. The devil is out to destroy her but God is on her side.

Please read, The Shattered Vase.

It exposes the devil for what he is and in the same story shows how glorious God is.

It is a life changing story!

If you are a Christian and know someone who is not, I beg of you to purchase it for them.

The 5 star Amazon review was written by a person who was “not religious at all.”https://wp.me/p4j2ev-2ff

It is time we step out of the box of church and passionately pursue those who are lost because the second coming of Christ is approaching.

To purchase this God-inspired story please click on the link below.


So far the reviews are all five stars! https://www.theshatteredvase.com/index.php/2019/06/16/5-star-reviews-for-my-novel/

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