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Many of my friends have asked for a print copy of The Shattered Vase so that I can sign it for them. I have come to the stark realization that not everyone owns a Kindle, Nook or other digital devices with which to read books.

I know you may want me to wet your appetite before you buy a copy… so here is the overview:

The Shattered Vase is about a young woman, Suzie Whatley, who lived an idyllic life in the country with her family. This picture-perfect life was shattered when her husband left her for another woman. 

The divorce started an avalanche of different battles which Suzie had to fight. These battles ranged from an investigation by CPS to a flashback of horrific child abuse at the hands of her mother. 

As Hope, Faith, Joy, Grace and Mr. Mercy enter the story it is apparent that this is a spiritual battle, in addition to being a fight for survival. 

The evil entities of Deceit, Betrayal, Rejection, Arrogance, Envy, Adultery, Doubt, Insecurity, Condemnation and Despair are consumed with one goal. The demise of Suzie Whatley. 

God is intent upon using every battle to provide another piece of armor to prepare Suzie for the next battle. 

Every thought, word, and action that Suzie undertakes is crucial to her survival. 

The Shattered Vase is a book which is more than one woman’s story. It is essentially the story of all of us and the fight between good and evil for our very lives.

Yet it is more than that… it is also about the quest for truth.

For what we seek in life will be found, if we search for it with our whole heart.

TO FIND A PRINT COPY OF THE SHATTERED VASE CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK!  https://store.bookbaby.com/book/The-Shattered-Vase

To learn more about my novel, please read the following post. https://www.theshatteredvase.com/index.php/2019/05/21/a-novel-worth-reading/

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