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My debut novel, The Shattered Vase, was released close to six months ago. Since the release date I have received only 5 star reviews for my novel!

The first review was posted almost immediately upon release. This was from an organic reader whom I have never met. The review is as follows:

“Got this book a couple days ago and it’s incredibly hard to put down! I’m not religious at all but the vivid scenery of good versus evil in the book intertwined with an incredible storyline makes this book remarkable. An easy read but a thought-provoking one.”

This review meant so much to me because it was posted by someone who admitted that they were not religious at all.
I don’t believe in preaching to people who are not religious. Jesus didn’t do that. He told stories.

I have a blog which I launched in September of 2013. https://singleparentssurvivalguide.com/
On this blogging platform I tell stories of my walk with God and healing from the pain of a broken marriage.

I have close to 21,000 followers to my blog and unique visitors stay for close to four minutes on my blog, visiting over nine posts. So, apparently my stories can catch the attention of the reader.

In my novel, The Shattered Vase, I do the same thing. I tell a story about a single mother who is thrust into spiritual warfare.

The book is rich in symbolism so that those who are Christ followers will understand the deeper meaning.

Yet, it is also written in such a light hearted manner. Essentially the story grasps the mind of the reader and doesn’t let go until the very ending.

One thing I do NOT do in this novel is belabor the reader with annoying details of just exactly how a leaf blew in the wind. Nor do I ramble on with meaningless dialogue.

That is why I have labeled my novel, a modern classic. It reads as easy as a beach read but has symbolism which is so deep it could rival a Dickens novel.

In this day and age, when attention spans have shortened and life runs at the speed of sound, I think it essential to change literary standards.

That may be why I have gotten 5 star reviews for my novel, The Shattered Vase by Gracie Lynne. If you would like to purchase the novel, please click on the following link. https://store.bookbaby.com/book/The-Shattered-Vase

If you would like to learn more about my writing style, please read the following post. https://www.theshatteredvase.com/index.php/2019/05/23/baiting-the-reader-to-buy-your-book/

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