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The Shattered Vase is a novel about a remarkable single mother “Suzie Whatley” who is blindsided when her husband Joe, walks out on her and their three young children.
With her sense of security shattered, Susie struggles through a series of difficulties, becoming stronger and more confident with each obstacle that she overcomes. Demonic entities ruthlessly attack her at her most vulnerable, strategically planning to end Susie’s life, and continue a generational curse of suicide in her family.

Through this epic battle of good and evil, as Susie draws into a more intimate relationship with the Lord, she learns to pierce through the darkness with the Word of God. With each step, her faith is growing stronger as she witnesses one amazing miracle after another!

You may not know how desperately you need to read this book, until you pick it up, and realize you can’t put it down.

We all need to learn to fight the devil, and recognize when we are under attack. Satan’s weapons are lies, and the battle begins in your mind!

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