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The problem with politics currently is that it is divisive in nature. Our democracy was founded on a model which heralds the balance of powers. Unfortunately, it has evolved into a conflict of parties, with little affection for balance in any measure.

Some of my family members are Democrats and some are Republicans. Most of my friends lean to the right. They all try to lure me to be on their side. My God given personality is that of a Mediator so I rarely take sides.

Politics is not the only problem though. Media is an accomplice. I am aware of how the media incites violence. We were to applaud the rioting this summer because it was for Black Lives Matter and yet condemn the rioting on the Capitol because it was for something else.

Yet, I ask, is violence and mayhem ever a reasonable path to tread?


Politics can define your beliefs. If politics has that amount of force in your life it may become an idol.

You don’t think so?

I would ask you to examine your heart.

How much time do you spend watching the news?

If you get together with friends do you talk about politics or what God has been doing in your life?

What thoughts monopolize your mind? I was thinking so much about the Capitol riots I couldn’t sleep.

Then compare that with how much time you spend reading the Bible, talking with others about God, praying to God and worshipping him.

My television was my habit when the Capitol riots happened. I had the same response when the Black Lives Matter riots happened. Then I realized my peace and intimacy with God was becoming blackened by the darkness of violence and I withdrew from the news.


We must be careful not to blur the lines between church and state.

When the state says at what point a baby is viable they have gone too far. If a church tries to influence you in how you vote, they have also gone too far.

I don’t believe in either the Republican or Democratic party.

I believe in God. I believe that He was the creator of heaven and earth. I believe it is His desire that all of mankind be reconciled to HIm through the sacrifice of His one and only begotten Son.

I look to His word, the Bible, for truth. For little truth is told in the current day news coverage.

I believe that God blesses nations which take care of the poor and needy. As I read through the Old Testament last year, I realized that widows and orphans are ones which God wants us to tend to.

I believe that free speech is worthy of protection and violence warrants persecution.

I hope and pray that our government will start to become more unified within the balance of powers. To do this they need to stop hunting witches and start legislating for a change.

We are in great danger of losing our democracy to forces which are evil.

However, I believe that we are still one nation under God and may God have mercy on us all.

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