The legacy of 2020…FEAR AND CHAOS!

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Two words come to my mind when thinking of this past year, fear and chaos. When the Corona-virus pandemic started I had just finished re-flooring my home. I was looking forward to making income from renting my guest rooms out on the Airbnb platform.

I was also considering the possibility of adding a sunroom and a patio cover in my backyard. I am not someone who spends money easily. I consider debt a close cousin to fear and chaos. So, I did not follow through with the sun room project.

Yet, as soon as my flooring project was completed, the COVID-19 crisis busted down my front door. The fear of the pandemic came stomping in, occupying my home. No renters were welcome.

There went my income.

In my novel, The Shattered Vase, Fear is considered a giant in the realm of evil.

Fear inflames the fire of war and delights in murder, hatred and mayhem. Fear dances like a ballerina in the midst of chaos, delighting in the destruction left in its wake.

Right now, protests which were once peaceful, have become violent. For those who are engaged in civil disobedience, protesting with peace, I applaud you.

However, if you are engaged in violence, you do more to hurt your cause than to help it. If you are Christian, I would beg you to examine your heart and seek the Holy Spirit. For in 1 Samuel 15:23 rebellion is likened to witchcraft.

Fear and chaos are not defeated by violence, but by silence.

The one person who came to earth and changed the universe with his life was Jesus. He said not a word when being persecuted. He accepted the will of God; which was to sacrifice his life.

Jesus defeated the devil without speaking a word of defense on his behalf.

That is, without a doubt, the most powerful act in history. To have overcome death and taken on the sins of the world, so that those of us who are sinners could be reconciled to God is the ultimate in love and power.

So how can you change society without speaking a word?

Try an act of love.

Reach out to someone who has a different color of skin with love. I became aware of a black mother’s struggle to get her daughter out of an abusive relationship. I met this mother at Starbucks and proceeded to pray for her and her daughter. I prayed as if her daughter was mine. God has intervened and is restoring their relationship.

Sometimes the most powerful act of love you can do is to pray.

React to innuendo with logic.

I don’t listen to the news much but I listened in my car yesterday. I happened to catch the interview with Bubba Wallace. I was so impressed with this young black man.

Bubba was so calm and collected during the investigation of a noose in his garage. It is an incident which could have incited more violence, yet Bubba chose a different path.

In Proverbs 12:22 it states: “The Lord detests lying lips, But he delights in those who tell the truth.” The investigation was necessary to ensure his safety and when he got the results, he did not feed on innuendo but rather on truth. Knowing that his racing family was behind him.

Realize that anger is the parent of fear and chaos.

There are many warnings about anger in the Bible. Some say not to go to bed angry.

I find that if I am angry with a person sometimes the best thing for me to do is to write a letter, and leave it unsent.

I recently had a disagreement with a family member. This family member had left me in tears, more than once, regarding some decisions I had made in my life.

I had decided to devote my time to developing a ministry based on my novel, The Shattered Vase. I knew these decisions were based on God’s word and revelation, so I should have expected some blowback.

Jesus’ family called him “crazy” too. (Mark 3:21) If Jesus was considered crazy by his family, I should have considered it an honor to be considered the same.

However, I finally had enough of this and decided to write an email. I fired off an email which was full of truth but not wisdom.

In Proverbs 12:14 the Word of God says, “Wise words bring many benefits.”

Well, that family member did not talk to me for a couple of weeks. I was devastated.

I stewed and fretted for a bit, thenI started another email. I wrote an eight point lesson on why she was wrong.

Then stopped.

I realized that the letter would not bring the benefits I sought to achieve,which was to reconcile. So, I didn’t send it. I instead prayed for her. That evening she called, and we had a wonderful talk. The process of reconciliation was started because I had chosen NOT to respond in anger.

Think of the reaction you want before you attack.

There are many people who are attacking whites right now. For the record, my family has never once owned a slave. My family came from Russia and we have no history associated with slavery.

However, as a result of these recent riots and protests I have been accused of being racist by people whom I have loved. I invited them into my home, shared my food with them and loved as if they were family. They were black, yet I saw them as family and treated them as such.

I have been verbally attacked by them to the point where I asked them not to contact me until they calmed down. I am considering allowing the relationship to fade over time because I was so hurt when they implied that I was racist.

I am sure this is not the reaction they wanted when they went on the attack.

There is so much hatred and divisiveness on social media. Before you post anything why not ask. How would I feel if this was directed toward me? What is the reaction I am seeking?


In my novel, The Shattered Vase, Fear is a dark cloud that can darken every thought. Yet, fear has no standing in the midst of Faith. I invite you to read about the entities of darkness and light by purchasing my novel, The Shattered Vase.

Click on the following link to purchase the book.

We must all learn how to fight evil and may I suggest we start by not attacking each other?

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