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In a world where there is a “good cop, bad cop” routine, there are plenty of bad cops that need to be redirected.

bad cops

The bad cops who murdered George Floyd are no exception.

I realize after looking at all the videos that he may have been resisting arrest. That may have been the reason the bad cops had him on the ground. However, when they asked him if he was ready to get into the car he said, “Yes!”.

Apparently they don’t understand English. So they continued to constrain him even after he was nonresponsive.

No matter what angle you take on this event, it is clear this was an instance of police brutality by bad cops.

I have had three encounters with bad cops as a white woman.

The first time was when I was engaged in a peaceful protest as an animal rights activist. The cop was irritated that he had been assigned to the protest and warned me that if I so much as jay walked would arrest me. I made sure not to jaywalk.

The second incidence happened at my home when some crazy nut had a screaming fit on my front lawn.

I warned the crazy nut to stop screaming but he wouldn’t, so I called the cops. The crazy nut said later that the cop had called me a drama queen.

Really? I wasn’t screaming, yelling or threatening like the crazy nut was. I am not sure who was the drama queen, but it was not me.

The third time a cop disrespected me was when I was out on a date.

The guy I was dating had stopped in traffic because he was showing me his gps and he was incapable of multitasking. He got pulled over and taken in because he had an outstanding warrant.

The chief concern of the cop in this incidence was that his pickup truck didn’t get hurt. My date could drive the truck and me to the police station, and they left me in the parking lot to find my way home at midnight.

I asked if I could get a ride home, but they refused. I was not under arrest and they apparently had no concern for my safety.

All of my friends were in bed and asleep. I finally called my teenage daughter, who arranged for her best friend’s dad to pick me up.

These bad cops did not respect me as a human being, but I can still breathe and I am still alive.

I sadly wonder if I was an African American if I would still be breathing.

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