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To find your genuine love in an online dating forum is as dangerous as swimming in a pool of sharks. Online dating scams breed like rabbits on most sites. I have blogged about a personal experience previously. However, a personal experience may not do enough to dissuade a love hungry single parent.

So I will provide a checklist to help you.

Please read through to the end. It may save your finances and could save your life

Your date looks like a supermodel.

My first online dating scam only posted one picture. He was average in the looks of department. The second one, which was most recent, posted many. They were all dreamy! I fell head over heels when I saw the first picture.

They will post something on their profile and then change it when they know you have taken the bait.

My first scammer said he was a landscaper in a nearby suburb. As soon as I started talking with him he became an oil executive in Nigeria. Wow! That is some career jump! My second online dating scam posted that he was only 5’7″ on the profile. When I told him he was handsome but too short, he jumped right up to 5’9″. This was a man of miracles! I have never met a man, 59 years old, that could grow 2 inches in a matter of minutes!

They are quick to propose that you should spend the rest of your life together.

The first online dating scam had me hooked because he had a little boy which needed a mother. The second online dating scam told he me wanted to take me to the Netherlands to meet his mother. He was already calling me his “wife” within the first month.

They don’t have a digital footprint.

On my first experience I do not remember googling his name. On the second online dating scam I googled the man’s full name. I found no one who matched his picture. I brought this up to him. He said he was born in the Netherlands. So, I googled his name using his hometown as the source. NOTHING FOUND!

An online dating scam will attempt to get you off the dating site, asap!

They will ask you for your phone number, your email, sometimes your address. Do not give them any of those unless you meet them in person. If you meet them in person, it should be in a public place. You should tell a close friend or relative their name and where and when you are meeting. My daughter has been kind enough to allow me to do this with her. If something gets crazy, at least another person knows where to start looking.

An online dating scam is not in it for love, they only want your money.

Both of my online dating scams wanted to involve me in their business affairs. I already run three unique businesses. The last thing I need is someone to make my life more complex, or add another business to my list.

I hope this blog post helps anyone out who may think they are being hooked by an online dating scam.

Have you had an experience such as this? If so, would you be willing to share it in the comments?

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