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Negativity can be such an insidious trap to fall into. Once you fall into negativity, it can be difficult to climb back out. There are many origins of negative thinking.

Neglect, abuse or molestation in childhood can bear fruit in negative thinking. Injustice, helplessness and victimization are a slippery slope into negativity.


There are some people I know that live in America and think the sky is falling! They are well taken care of, in good health, live in beautiful homes and don’t have to work for a paycheck. Yet, they are constantly complaining.

When you get to know people such as this sometimes you find out that their life is not as grand as it may seem. At some point in their life they suffered betrayal by someone they loved dearly. As a result, negative thinking becomes a habit.

In my novel, The Shattered Vase, Suzie is attacked viciously by the spirit of Betrayal. Her friend, Hope, is the person who comes to comfort her after this attack.

Sometimes people don’t have friends like Hope.

Hope not only spoke to the spiritual pain of being betrayed but also was practical in her method of healing. She helped clean up Suzie’s home, took her children to school and entertained them while Suzie rested.

Hope helped Suzie get beyond the pain of betrayal, which was essential for Suzie to heal.


There was a time in my life when my ex couldn’t pay child support. I made such a fuss over this! I would tell anyone and everyone about it. Looking back at my life during that period I confess I was anything but Christian. I am ashamed of how I reacted to that challenge.

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