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As the election of Presidency approaches I am deeply concerned about one thing. That is the moral rot of our great nation.

In Proverbs 28:2 the Bible warns about this malady and how it can affect the longevity of a country. “When there is moral rot within a nation, it’s government topples easily. But wise and knowledgeable leaders bring stability.”

America has become a nation of moral rot.

We have become lawless in our efforts to protect our rights. Sexual immorality has become the norm which demands protections. Working hard for the benefit of our children and grandchildren has become a risky venture because apparently we are supposed to be working for the benefit of others. Respect for our elected leaders in nonexistent. Murder, looting and vandalism seem to be an acceptable method of protest.

I am fed up with the moral rot in our country!

Yesterday I had a hair appointment. My hairdresser and I were discussing the moral depravity of our country. She said that California had just passed a law which stated that pedophilia was now considered a sexual orientation. That is not actually true. However, what they did pass was a large step in that direction.

This bill says that if an adult violates a child over fourteen years of age that they do not have to register as a sex offender.

This bill was proposed and passed by the Democrats and opposed by the Republicans.

There was a great push for the governor to veto this bill but that didn’t happen. He signed it instead to protect the LGBTQ community.

So let me get this right? We are protecting the LGBTQ community at the expense of children?

Oh, but it gets better than that! Chad Mayes, who has disengaged from the Republican party, has one hell of a quote attributed to him. It goes as follows… “This is one of those bills you will take a political hit for,” said Mayes, who left the Republican Party in 2019. “But we also know that it’s righteous and just. This is the time to step up.”

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Chad Mayes calls the protection of predators a righteous and just act?

Maybe he doesn’t know the definition of righteous. The definition of righteous is: (of a person or conduct) morally right or justifiable; virtuous. The exact opposite of what this bill is and apparently also quite different than the character of Mr. Chad Mayes.

Has the wildfires fried his brain or what? This is beyond stupid. It is idiotic and morally corrupt.

Someone a long time ago told me that someday children would have their rights stripped as far as their sexual integrity went. I am sad to say that in the state of California I think that day has come. It is time we voted people such as Chad Mayes and Governor Newsom OUT OF OFFICE!!!!

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