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I have had a problem with the media for quite some time. The first time I realized the effects of sensationalism, I was on the coast of Texas. I had taken my children to Galveston for a vacation. Unfortunately, a hurricane was visiting that same coast.

My friends and family started calling me, begging me to go inland. They, of course, were listening to the media.

I am fearless, and I saw the waves rolling in, but I was not concerned. I told them if the water crested the sea wall I would consider going inland.

They kept watching the media and would not stop bugging me. I merely rolled my eyes. Yet when the waves crested the seawall, I packed up and took my children to San Antonio.

While in San Antonio I booked a nice hotel and parked my car. I paid to park in a lot across the street.

The next morning my car was nowhere to be found! I was so pissed. They had towed my car, and I had paid the correct amount for it not to be towed! I was livid.

But was the media evil?

Only if you consider lying like a banshee to be evil. That hurricane was a mild one. Barely a tropical storm but enough to cut my much needed vacation short.

However, this taught me to use discernment when I watch the news. I realize how much stories can be inflamed to start a fire.

I have some suggestions for those who are news junkies.

1. The media are out after ratings. The more a story inflames society, the more they will stoke the flame.

2. If you are not a part of the news story, you may not know the truth. Videos can be edited and misconstrued. Once again, if the media can stoke the flames of indignation and make good copy they will do so with no attention to the fallout.

3. I watch little TV. The reason why? I am a writer and a reader. I like those mediums to get my information. The reason is that I can separate myself from the story better. I hate chaos getting inside of me.

4. If you spend your time watching television, then you are not engaging in what is happening around you. How many minutes or hours a day do you sit in front of your television watching someone else live their life? Why don’t you do something creative, go for a walk, or call a friend? I am not saying those who watch television don’t do that, but they could do so much more of that.

5. The media thrives on chaos. When the riots first started happening, I admit, I was glued to my TV. The fear and chaos soon consumed me and entered my peaceful abode. I did as much as I could by blogging on racism, but I did not feel led to protest I had blogged on racism before as well. I turned the TV off and read the news from my phone when I felt I needed an update. This has restored my serenity.

6. Watch the news when you feel the urging of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I feel led to watch TV and those times I do, but it most certainly is not an everyday occasion.

Back to my original question. Is the media evil?

If they are inciting violence, lawlessness and chaos amid our society I would suggest that they may be leaning towards darkness.

However, the darkness may be so ingrained in our society that the media is merely shining the light to expose this.

Do you think the media is evil? Please leave a comment below! I invite all perspectives.

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