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Hello! It has been a long time since I have blogged. I have an amazing reason to blog today! The Shattered Vase by Gracie Lynne has been nominated for an award in The Christian Literary Awards!
Yep! That is the only contest I have entered and I am nominated in the Fiction category for the award!
This award is being sponsored by Joy and Company.
Joy and Company consists of three of the most amazing African American women I have met in my lifetime.
They interviewed me this summer and I am telling you, they are absolutely brilliant! One of the dear ladies even mentioned that my novel, The Shattered Vase, could be classified as a masterpiece. I was like…so excited when she said that I could barely sit still for the interview.
After the interview they said that my book may be nominated for an award this year in The Christian Literary Awards. They also said the fictional category was a very hard one to win.
Now the fiction category is decided by judges.
But the Reader’s choice is decided by readers. If you read my blog, I know you can read, so what I am asking you to do is to click on the following link,
Then scroll down to the bottom where it says to vote, click on that. Then scroll down to the fictional category and vote for The Shattered Vase by Gracie Lynne.
Then make sure to pat yourself on the back because you are an amazing person!
The contest ends on October 31st, so hurry up and get it done!
If you have not read this masterpiece yet, well don’t hesitate to buy it. Just click on the following link!

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