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Christian fiction novels. What is the draw? There are plenty of books out there which tell you how to live a good Christian life. There are Bible studies, self-help books and a plethora of how to be the “perfect Christian” books.

Yet, that is not what Jesus did when he ministered to people who were lost.  When he was interacting with the lost, he told stories. They were called parables. Large crowds would gather around him to hear these stories and be healed of diseases, demon possession and disabilities.

He read from the Bible when teaching from the Synagogue because people that go to church certainly need to know the Bible, but he didn’t take the Bible to the crowds.

He took stories. So is that a reason to buy Christian Fiction novels for those who have not learned about salvation?

When I first started writing my novel I intended to make it about how difficult it was to be a single mother. My husband and I split up when my children were one, three and five-years old. I worked thirty-two hours on the weekends so I could be home with them during the week. Being a single mother was exhausting! Yet, it was also the greatest and funnest job I ever did.

As I started my novel, I was in the pit of despair. By the third chapter in my first draft, God had completely kidnapped the plot! (He has a way of doing that) However, He was gracious enough to let me go on and on about my desperate life and write a novel over ten years. He eclipsed the plot a great deal, but he allowed me to vomit up my pain on many of the pages. After ten years and paying to have it published. God got my attention and said, “It was too dark. This is a novel about spiritual warfare and there is more of the devil than of me.”

I had already paid a company to self-publish the book. I lost that money and pulled it from production. I picked out a different title and started all over again. What happened next was a miracle. I became a ghost writer for God. If you think working for God is a drab and dreary kind of job, then you don’t know my God. He was an absolute blast to write for! We had so much fun writing this Christian fiction novel.

The Shattered Vase is a novel about spiritual warfare, a single mother and how to beat the devil at his own game. It is an enticing read which will lure you into staying up late to read and waking up early to finish the book.

This book will resonate with Christians because they know the power of the Word of God, but it will also engage those who are not religious.

My first five star rating is a testament to this! Read the following to understand what a lure it is for those who do not believe in religion.

“Got this book a couple days ago, and it’s incredibly hard to put down! I’m not religious at all, but the vivid scenery of good versus evil in the book intertwined with an incredible storyline makes this book remarkable. An easy read, but a thought-provoking one.”

I don’t mean to blow my trumpet, but The Shattered Vase was nominated for a Christian Fiction Award.

If you would like to purchase the book. Please click on the following link .

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