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I have been the victim of betrayal.

I was just a little girl when betrayal first attacked. There was one girl in my class who was being made fun of. I felt sorry for her and became her friend. We were besties until I got a horrible illness and had to spend two months in the hospital. I came out in a wheelchair and had to learn how to walk again.

I endured vicious bullying because of that illness. In addition to the bullying, I lost my bestie. She said I had changed. I felt like saying, “Well, I did just spend two months in a hospital and was in a coma for six weeks. If you had gone through something like that, don’t you think you would change a little too?”

However, I did not say that to anyone. I hid my pain and endured the bullying until I launched out of that stinking little town and went to college.

My mother had always taught me to be kind to those who were underdogs. I had to teach myself in college that it was okay to hang out with people who were winners instead of losers, because losers do not have a lot of self-confidence. As a result, they can go for the jugular in the arena of betrayal.

Betrayal can lead to Rejection.

Betrayal can lead to rejection which can lead to more betrayal.

In addition to being the victim of betrayal; I have done my share of betrayal also. I find that when I have done so it was because I was not happy in a relationship.

Was this because of me or the other person?

When I look back on the times, I realize I was . Feeling as if I did not measure up. I felt as if I fell short of others’ expectations.

Looking for love in all the wrong places, I did not realize that the problem was me, not the other person.

Betrayal is no longer a lure for me.

There is one person who always says that I have someone else. I tried everything I knew to make that person feel secure. Yet, they kept saying things that indicated to me that they felt insecure in our relationship. I wondered many times, what would it take to make them feel loved?

I wonder the same about me and the years I betrayed others. What would it have taken to make me feel loved?

Have you been betrayed?

In my novel, The Shattered Vase, Suzie is betrayed by her husband. She is devastated but responds in a way which is spiritually mature. If you would like to read her story, please click on the following link.

How do you respond to betrayal?

Do you think betrayal reveals weakness or strength in the person who is betraying?

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