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A porch swing is magical in so many ways. It is a way an adult can be outside and yet capture tendrils of a memory which reaches back into the depths of childhood happiness.

In The Shattered Vase, the porch swing is where wisdom and love are shared.

Suzie and Jacob have deep conversations, Mr. Mercy and Jacob share a thought provoking conversation. The porch swing gives no judgement and bears no ill will. It is merely there to soothe and comfort.

Today I spent some time at my daughter’s new (old) house.

She and her husband have just bought their first home, and it is magical. It is a century old and is listed as a historical site. The magic begins with the front porch. The porch is massive and there is a magnificent porch swing proudly displayed.

I fell in love with the porch swing.

It even had cup holders carved into the arm rests!

My daughter- and son-in-law were painting some rooms, and I was washing the baseboards and window sills. For being a century old, the house was remarkably well kept!

We worked for two hours and then lunched on the porch.

My son-in-law sat on the porch swing. There was so much gratitude in the air for the blessing of this house, it seemed to be raining gratefulness. When we were back inside my daughter and her husband thanked me for the help I had given them. It was a joy to help them, and I am glad that they asked.

We discussed how much better it was to work as a team.

That is a recent discovery I have made about myself. If I have someone else to work with, I could build Rome in a day. By myself, I am a mess.

I look forward to the days when my Godson comes over. He is an amazing young man! He is strong and such a hard worker. Plus, he takes direction well. I love him as much as I love my natural children. He is such a blessing in my life. We work as a team.

Then there is my daughter.

I can not count the times she has come over to help me redecorate, clean and garden. We have such fun working on projects together. We, too, work as a team.

I remember my grandmother coming over to help my mother.

They were a team. They would can vegetables and meat together. My grandmother would help my mother clean and my mother would roll my grandmother’s hair every single Saturday night. I do not remember a harsh word being spoken between them because they worked as a team.

The wisdom shared on the porch swing today is…

that working as a team is a wonderful way to work.

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