A guy on Zoosk.

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a guy on Zoosk
A guy on Zoosk

I saw the guy on Zoosk. He was nice looking and seemed to have a pleasant personality. We chatted for a bit and he asked for my phone number. The first night he called I was laughing so hard I thought my belly would hurt. I love to laugh so he was getting major points for that. soon asked me out on a date.

This guy on Zoosk soon asked me out on a date.

As I looked through my wardrobe, I contemplated what I should wear. I finally decided on a dress that was a cute and playful design.

When I first met the guy, he said he had a surprise for me. We walked to his truck, and he pulled a bottle of Mead wine from a cooler in his truck bed. We had talked about that wine and he wanted me to taste it. It was fairly good, but I am not a drinker, so I didn’t lose my cookies over it. The thing that impressed me was that he had thought so far as to give me two paper towels. I was to put them around the bottle so my car seat would not get wet on the drive home. Now that is a man who is thinking!

It seemed as if he was uncomfortable. Maybe I had overdressed. Soon though, he warmed up and started showing me some pictures on his phone. We had a pleasant dinner and then walked around the town a bit and did some window shopping.

I liked him.

I had planned on having my Godbrother and Godson over for dinner and I had made a yummy dessert for them. This event was to be a couple days after our date. I took pictures of the dessert and sent it to him. He seemed interested in a taste test, so I asked him if he wanted to meet me in a park a few days later for a dessert picnic. He was game on!

So I drove to a park, and he met me there and I served him some dessert. He liked it and said thank you. We had a kiss and said goodbye.

I wonder if he thinks I am attractive?

He had not said anything about how I looked. That evening in a phone call he commented on how much he liked my dress and how exciting our kisses had been for him.

But I am deeply spiritual. I wonder if he can handle that?

The next day he told me he prayed all the time asking for guidance. He prayed every day. I was thinking this is weird. Can this man read my mind or is this a God connection? It seemed as if we could talk about anything from simple to complex matters. Plus, he was fun!

A week after our first date, I knew it was over.

I woke up and had this intense sadness regarding this guy. He had told me he usually only dated a woman for two dates. We had had our two dates. But I wanted more. I had an errand to run on his side of town, so I called him and asked him if he wanted to meet me after I ran my errand. He said, ‘Yeah, sure.” He would call me back with the location as soon as he decided where we should meet.

He didn’t call. He texted instead and said he had to go help his daughter-in-law fix something so he wouldn’t be able to meet.

I texted back and said, “Well, I guess I reached my two date maximum. Was really hoping I could break that record. lol.”

I was hoping he would text back a silly response.

Nope, no response at all. I took a shower and the Holy Spirit revealed something to me. He had texted me at 4:15 pm, cancelling a get together which would not happen for 3-4 hours. Either he didn’t have a clue how to fix that thingy his daughter-in-law wanted him to fix or he was lying. My guess is he was lying.

This hit me hard. I rarely care that much, but I cared about this guy.

The funny thing was that this guy on Zoosk blocked me on that dating site. He had friended me on Facebook and I think he unfriended me and I didn’t do one thing to piss him off?

Maybe he was in his “manopause” phase of his life. Either that or he thought I was stalking him and I knew that he had lied. I don’t stalk though. I just called him on his bluff because God was in my life. For the record, I have much more important things to do than to stalk a guy on Zoosk.

I prayed about it because I was still hurting. I felt as if I should ask God to bless him.

Every time a hurtful thought entered my mind, I asked God to bless him. This softened my heart so that bitterness could not take hold.

This may be an answer to another prayer I have recently had, which is for God to show me how to heal from classmates who bullied me as a teenager. I am trying hard to ask God to bless them because I really don’t care for them at all. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is exactly what Jesus would ask us to do.

So for this reason I am glad I had two dates with that guy on Zoosk. Two dates was enough to teach me a lesson which may change my life for the better.

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